hotel eastThe organizers of the upcoming OSGI event selected a promiment Hamburg’s nightlife location. The location is a evidence of modern design. The entire hotel is equipped with non-standard items in various forms and colors and commemorates on Dali and Gaudi in the same time.

Topic: Why Modularity is Important

When: September 9th, 2008, 19:00 CET, Registration required

Where: East Hotel Hamburg, Simon-von-Utrecht-Strasse 31, 20359 Hamburg / Germany

Abstract: Many developers are finding out that modularity has a significant influence on the development process. But unfortunately, Java has no concept of modularity, all JARs are placed on a linear classpath. Many projects have developed in-house plugin frameworks to achieve some modularity. The OSGi Service Platform is a standards based framework used by many projects. Some of the best known projects that use OSGi are Spring and Eclipse. There are many open source projects and commercial companies that have implemented the specifications: Apache Felix, Knopflerfish, Eclipse Foundation, ProSyst, IBM, Siemens, Hitachi, Samsung, etc. This presentation will analyze the problems with (the lack of) Java modularity and explain how OSGi provides many benefits for the development process as well as make the applications itself easier to maintain and extend.

Author: Peter Kriens