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The JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.0 is the newest Java presentation technology that is covered in JSR-314 and was publicly released on July 01, 2009. It became a part of the JEE6 standard and can be comfortably used in conjunction with other JEE frameworks, with Spring or just on its own. This article reveals the possible scenarios and shows the required configuration for the usage of JSF 2.0 with EJB 3.1 and with Spring 3.0. It also discusses several auxilary technologies which can be used along with JSF 2.0. continue reading…


About two years ago, I published an article about Exposing the Functionality implemented in Stateless Session Beans (EJB 2.1) using Web Services. J2EE 1.4 times are over and the new version of the Java Enterprise framework, called Java Enterprise Edition 5 (JavaEE 5, or simply JEE) has emerged. In this article the same business scenario is repeated in the new framework.


Before we dive into code examples, some software is required. The good news about the software is, that it also evolved over time. Here is what we use:

  • Sun’s Java 6 SDK
  • JBoss AS 5.1.0 GA for JDK6
  • Eclipse Galileo 3.5.1 for JEE development

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