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I found strange problem running wscompile (from Sun’s Java Web Service Developer Pack 1.6) inside Ganymede (Eclipse Version 3.4.1). The run of the wscompile Ant task produce a problem. The build script execution freezes on the wscompile task. It prints the following message on console but then nothing happens.

[wscompile] wscompile ...\env\java\1.4.2_03\jre\bin\classpath-classpath D:\workspaces\general\lib\; ... D:\workspaces\general\lib\... jar.0.5.5

In this line, the classpath of wscompile is printed.

The build script uses configured Apache Ant in version 1.6.5. I tried to start it with Java in versions 1.4.2 und Both works in Europa (Eclipse 3.3.x) but don’t work in Ganymede (Eclipse 3.4.x), except for the first run. It seems that Ganymede provides a different handling for Ant scripts. Every first start of an Ant build script produces new “External Tool Configuration” (if not already there). If this configuration already exists, wscompile task doesn’t work!

This means my build script with wscompile task works only once, every first time after deleting the “External Tool Configuration”. I could live with that if I wouldn’t need that configuration. But I need that configuration to use different java version that is the workspace default.

Do anyone know how to fix that?
Here is my task definiton.

<taskdef name="wscompile" 

and also task usage in the script

<wscompile fork="true" import="true" base="java/class" sourceBase="java/generated" verbose="true" features="documentliteral, wsi, searchschema, serializeinterfaces, explicitcontext" mapping="java/generated/META-INF/jaxrpc-mapping.xml" config="metadata/wsdl-config.xml" xSerializable="true">
		<path refid="class.path.local" />
		<path refid="class.path.ant" />
		<pathelement path="${java.class.path}" />

Comments are welcome.

On June 16th another Eclipse Demo Camp took place in Hamburg. Organized by Peter Friese of itemis and Martin Lippert of it-agile, Eclipse enthusiasts and presenters met in a former coffee exchange in the harbor of Hamburg, the so called “Hafencity”.

Eclipse Demo Camp

The evening started with an interesting preview of Xtext 2.0 by Sven Efftinge (also itemis). Xtext 2.0 is rewritten from scratch and provides better performance than its predecessor. The current plan for release is about October 2008. The talk was followed by a presentation given by Matthias Lübken (akquinet it-agile) who demostrated how to use the google web toolkit (GWT) in conjunction with serverside Equinox framework. Matthias talked about some of the tweaks which are necessary in order to get the two working together and also showed a little live demo. He was followed by Stefan Reichert of Lufthansa Systems who introduced his ‘wicked shell’ for Eclipse. This handy tool started as tech-demo how to bind an external process to a SWT widget. Finally, it turned into a command line, shell, bash… integration for Eclipse – featuring code completion and history. Reginald Stadlbauer (CEO froglogic) showed how to automize GUI testing of GWT and other Java based GUIs using froglogics Squish. Squish offers scripting languages like Perl, Python or JavaScript to the user to automatize application gui testing. The tool, not an Eclipse application itself, is currently rewritten and will feature full Eclipse integration sometime soon. Finally, Frank Zimmermann (Prof. at the Nordakademie) and two of his students Stefan Tanck and Henning Banneitz showed how model-driven software development (MDSD) using oAWs XText can be used to generate adapters for SAP SI in order to transform EDIFACT messages to XML and back. Unfortunately, a talk about Spring dynamic modules with OSGi was not held, the presenter Gerd Wütherich (independant consulting) was ill.

Apart from the interesting talks, it was nice to see many familiar faces, which attended the Eclipse Demo Camp in Hamburg at the end of 2007. The Eclipse Demo Camp seems to build a community. Thanks to the organizers for enabling this great event.