Hi folks out there, I think it’s time to make clear that we are seriously begin to make something out of this site. The beginning is hard ever, so the is no other way as just to begin. At the moment there are two administrators of this site ( Simon and me) and two authors (Helge and Mariya). We have to deal with Java and Software Development at work or during the study. So why not start notify it here.


It’s also dificult to define precisely subject of a website at the beginning, because nobody knows which topics are of our interest in e.g. two years. Neverthenless Simon and me defined some subjects for techjava.de, that will be covered in the nearest future. Simon summarized it here as:

TechJava is a project related to software engineering, especially enterprise system development in programming language Java. Beside this topic we are interested in topics: MDSD, SOA, requirement engineering, software methodologies and modeling

So stay with us!